Our Purpose

likeMEDIA.tv is a leading Islamic events organisation, based in England, who engage in matters of faith that relate to the Muslim youth. Seeking to provide a platform that addresses issues rooted within traditional Islam in a relevant, contemporary and accessible language.

What we do

We organise Islamic lectures, conferences and halal entertainment evenings that stimulate spiritual and intellectual debate and discussions on issues that affect young Muslims. Whether it’s a program on Islamic reminders or spoken word poetry events or stand-up comedy, we’ve covered it all.

Since 2009, we’ve organised many lecture tours that have been attended by tens of thousands of Muslims and we’ve also raised tens of thousands for charitable causes along the way. From those events, we record as many lectures as possible and create high quality Islamic videos so that the reminders are preserved and shared online for the benefit of many.

Our approach

We invite the world’s leading shaykhs, Islamic teachers, Muslim poets, nasheed artists and comedians in order to provide the best quality event possible. Whether they’re from Australia or Zimbabwe, a Mufti or Ustadh, we research intensely to ensure we’re able to bring engaging and thought provoking leaders to you.

We pride ourselves on inviting people to understand Islam on their terms as opposed to fitting a pre-determined definition as to what constitutes Islam and a Muslim. We do this through the choice of teachers we host, the topics discussed and the promotion of each event.

Host an event

If you would like to host a likeMEDIA.tv event at your college, university, mosque or community centre, send us a message on info@likemedia.tv and someone from our team will be in touch with more information on how we can make that possible.