For many orphans, the threat of poverty is constant. The test for the orphans comes in the shape of three things that they live with – hope, fear, faith. Hope of a brighter tomorrow. Fear brought about by the need for survival. Faith that God and believers in God will not abandon them. The test for us is to facilitate hope, remove the fear and restore the faith orphans hold in humanity. are organising a special poetry night in aid of Islamic Relief’s orphan sponsorship program. We have invited Boonaa Mohammed, Kamal Saleh and Tommy ‘A-Man’ Evans to perform a range of poems across the ‘Hope, Fear’ Faith’ spectrum on a five city tour of England. Tickets for the event are £5 each and all events are scheduled to start at 7pm – with all proceeds going to charity.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Whoever takes care of an orphan, he and I will be together in Paradise like this,” and he held two fingers close together. (Bukhari)