The journey of a convert is full of inspiration, trials, reflection, discovery… and, in some cases, HUMOUR. From the random questions your friends and family ask trying to understand what your new faith means to learning about the different aspects of your new faith to the interrogation sessions you’re held to by parents when looking for a spouse – it really is a unique experience.

This February, Preacher Moss, founder of Allah Made Me Funny, will be joining to present a unique perspective on the Muslim convert story. Littered with funny anecdotes, Preacher Moss talks through the moments of clarity, tough times, triumphs and failures – experienced through his own journey – that highlight the lighter side of the Muslim community. He will host a never-before-seen comedy show that explores the humorous journey of a Muslim convert – looking through the ages as he’s gone from being a street smart young comedian to school teacher to founding ‘Allah Made Me Funny’ and everything in between.

Join us for an evening of humour, with heart, that will be sure to leave you laughing. Public Convert No. 1 – a hilarious look at the journey of a Muslim convert.