THE LIBERATION OF A-MAN are proud to present a groundbreaking stage show coming soon to a university near you. ‘The Liberation Of A-Man’ is an innovative, engaging and uplifting piece of immersive art, a one-man multimedia monologue incorporating autobiographical narrative, spoken word poetry and video installation bringing to life the incredible story of Muslim convert and talented creative Tommy ‘A-Man’ Evans.

The event will feature spoken word poetry written specifically to take you through Tommy’s story. Covering topics such as his experiences in the hip hop industry, his relationship with the Qur’an and his experiences as a new Muslim, this is an honest and intimate storytelling experience like never before.

Join us this February for what promises to be an amazing evening of ‘edutainment’ as Tommy shares his ‘sui generis’ style of imagination, insight and expression. From his humble origins “oop North” to the roller coaster ride of the music industry, Tommy’s tempestuous journey finding faith and inner peace will surprise and inspire, leaving you in laughter and tears. Don’t miss out.