Ustadh AbdelRahman Murphy is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Teaching of English and Religious Studies, and is currently pursuing his Masters in Counseling and Family Therapy. His passion is working with Muslims to help improve on a personal, family, and community level.

His Islamic studies background includes completing an Imam Certificate Program, designed for young leaders from America and the UK in Makkah, Saudi Arabia under the mentorship and training of qualified scholarship, as well as some time in Egypt. He has also completed some courses, in the classroom as well as individually, with scholarship in the United States, studying traditional texts along with contemporary issues.

Currently he is continuing his higher studies directly with Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda and Professor Omer Mozaffar (University of Chicago) in Quran and tafseer, seerah (biography of the Prophet Muhammad), hadith, tazkiyyat al-nafs (purification of the soul) as well as topics in personal, family and community development.